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Steven Paul Turnwald

In 1963, Steven Turnwald breathed his first breaths. After High School graduation, he entered the USAF in 1981. He encountered tribulation for understanding in Christ. This book details the kingdom of God attributed

as “Safe Haven of Jesus”. Here we surrender our petty kingdoms, replacing it with

God’s kingdom.




Safe Haven Of Jesus

An inspirational guide, motivational retreat book, and supplement manual to the Bible. Trust in God’s Providence, Word and merciful grace in seeking eternal life, relationship and His salvific plan. Love of God bears synapses, faith, prayer, hope and Churchgoing. Consciousness with Jesus is a journey.


In the Press

Safe Haven of Jesus was an inspiring read. I've learned a lot about faith, life and God. 

Joey Anderson,

I loved reading through this book. It has enlightened me in my faith. It was a very heart warming read.

Eunice Collins,

“Your own spirituality seems to be growing
closer to a grander relationship with God.”




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